Industrial Applications

Torit DCE Aercology Logo

Emission Technology

  • Standard and Custom Thermal Oxidizer Systems
  • Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
  • Zeolite Wheel Rotary Concentrators

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Custom Engineered Filtration Solutions

  • Eliminator Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers
  • Cast & Fabricated Duplex Strainers
  • Cast & Fabricated Simplex Strainers
  • Gas Simplex Strainers/Filters

Torit DCE Aercology Logo

Donaldson Dust Collection Equipment

  • Torit® series PowerCore™, DFO™ & DryFlo™ Dust, Mist & Fume Collection Systems
  • DCE® series Cased Dalamatic™, Dalamatic Insertable & Unimaster™ bag filter dust collectors
  • Aercology Mist & Fume Collectors

Foremost Logo

Products for the plastics & powder industry

  • Complete pneumatic conveying and material handling systems
  • Granulators / Blenders
  • Dryers / Silos
  • Metal Separators / Hoppers
  • Vacuum Loaders / Barrel Mixers
  • Discharge Stations / Container Unloader

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Pro Air Systems

  • PD Blower Packages
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Bare BD Blowers
  • Service and Repair

Hoffman Lamson Logo

Centrifugal, Vacuum, Waste Handling

  • Multistage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters for Air and Gas Service
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems
  • Smooth-Flow Vacuum Tubing & Fittings
  • Industrial Waste Handling and Scrap Collection Systems

PCS Logo

Rotational Speed Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Applications

  • Adjustable Speed Switches & Zero Speed Switches
  • Counting Systems
  • Speed Transmitters & Tachometers
  • Rotation Direction Switch
  • Temperature Monitors, Thermocouples & RTD’s

Turbulator Logo

Dampers and Expansion Joints

  • Guillotine Dampers
  • Louver Dampers
  • Butterfly Dampers
  • Radial Vane Dampers
  • Diverter and Poppet Dampers
  • Fabric Expansion Joints

Bush & Wilton Rotary Valves

Innovative Valve Specialists

  • Standard & Custom Rotary Valves: Twin Outlets Diverting, SR Series,
    IF Series, OF & BF Series
  • Slide Gate Valves: SB-Screw & SB Pneumatic
  • Diverting Valves: Twin Outlet Diverting Rotary Valve, DG, DM, DBS, DP, DS

Industrial Air Technology Corp Logo

Industrial Fans

  • Backward Inclined, Single & Double Width
  • Radial Tipped RTS
  • High Pressure TRO
  • Industrial Plug Fans
  • Stainless Steel and High Temperature Specialists