process and pollution control equipment

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Experts in the Field

The Joos Equipment Company has been experts in the fields of motion control, and process and pollution equipment since 1957. Originally, we started as representatives for Allis Chalmers pneumatic selling motors, belts and variable speed sheaves. Soon after we became representatives of Hoffman Air & Filtration for their lines of multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters and portable and central vacuum systems (now Gardner Denver Hoffman – Lamson – Invincible). With knowledge gained in both motion control and air handling our breadth of products increased.

Now, we represent the leaders in industry for motion control, air handling, air quality (dust and fume collection) pneumatic conveying, materials handling and industrial and municipal water and wastewater process equipment.

The products we now represent industrially include Foremost Machine Company, Hoffman / Lamson / Invincible, Donaldson Torit, DCE and Aerocology, Verantis (previously Ceilcote), Industrial Air Technologies, Fluid Engineering Liquid Strainers, Turbulator USA, Process Control Systems (Maxigard) and Bush and Wilton rotary airlocks and slide gates.

Donaldson products include Torit Cartridge Collectors (DFT & DFO), the PowerCore Collector, and various modular baghouses and bin vents. The DCE products in include Unimaster, Unicell, Dalamatic, Sintamatic and SiloAir cartridges. We are a large supplier of aftermarket filters and cartridges.

A natural progression of industrial environmental products lead to products used extensively in the municipal water and wastewater arenas. These products include FL Smidth ODS air operated diaphragm sludge pumps, Gorator grit pumps, NE Controls dissolved oxygen (DO) aeration control systems for centrifugal and positive displacement blowers on variable frequency drives, Gill Trading with their WeirWasher and Eco-Blaster clarifier and filter belt press cleaning and de-foaming systems, OTT (Oxygen Transfer Technologies) Magnum, FlexSIL and FlexNORM silicon and EPDM fine bubble diffusers, Fluid Engineering Automatic Self-Cleaning in-line pipe strainers and basket strainers, Turbulator Mixing and aerating systems and Verantis FRP fans and scrubbers for odor and VOC abatement.

Please feel free to contact us, we would be more than glad to assist you in your endeavors.

Eric R. Joos